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About the Program

The Medical Product Development Management curriculum was designed in collaboration with experts from biomedical companies in the greater San Francisco Bay area and San Jose State University. Accommodations are made for students who work full-time. Coursework is accelerated and held during the evenings and on weekends, and several classes are offered online for greater scheduling flexibility.

MPDM Program Mission

The graduates from this degree program will be proficient in applying leadership, management, and decision making skills in a regulated environment; understanding and conversing with others in a multidisciplinary field; understanding ethical, business, financial, global, and strategic implications in medical product development; and enriching the community with ethical and socially responsible graduates in a field in which the highest levels of integrity are a fundamental necessity.

Program Overview

"The program is an overview of the biopharma and medical device industry. It teaches students the foundation of what the industry is doing."

Vivan Tran - Lecturer