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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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How many of these courses are offered online and during weekends?
At this time, three courses are fully online. All classes are held on evenings or weekends.

Are some of the courses offered through Extended Ed? Is it possible to attend some courses through Extended Ed before enrolling in the formal M.S. program?
Yes. You can take up to three classes through San Jose State University Extended Ed without having to be fully admitted, and then submit your application to the program when it next opens for admissions. However, taking classes through Open University doesn't guarantee entry into the program. You must still submit your application, transcripts, and documents to the Admissions Office to verify that all program requirements are met.

Is GMAT or GRE test required for this program? If not, is it preferred or recommended?
GMAT or GRE is NOT required for applying to the program

Is there a certain amount of work experience required or preferred?
It is preferable that one be working in the field of Clinical trials or Regulatory affairs, etc., but it isn't required.

What is acceptance rate for this program/ how many applicants apply?
Typically, we admit around 15-30 students each year. The rate of applicant to admitted is between 60-90%

Does this program only start in the fall semester?
Yes for those who are admitted to the program. However, individuals may take a few courses through Extended Education prior to admission to the program. The course(s) credit from Ext. Ed. (e.g. ≤9 units total) will be included in the overall program credit requirement if an individual is later admitted to the MPDM program.


Georgena Hontalas, Class of 2013

"I’ve recommended this program to a lot of my colleagues at work. You know, a lot of people where I currently work are very interested in pursuing their Master’s. A lot of people don’t know what they want to do."

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